Evan Jones, an Issaquah Washington native, has spent the better part of his life on a scaffold painting murals. After years of painting landscapes and portraits on paper and canvas, Evan now finds himself painting large exterior and interior murals on walls. Using a wide variety of painting styles and techniques on residential and commercial projects, he works closely with interior designers and decorators as well as home and business owners to build a composition uniquely their own.

“When considering a mural an artist should immerse themselves into the subject matter and learn as much as possible about what the artist has chosen to paint. I take this approach when painting, drawing or sculpting anything.”

For example, I was fascinated with “The Crows” intelligence and their symbolic place amongst different cultures. So I gathered as many articles and books as I could to learn about the genus Corvus, or American Crow. I found an abandoned parking lot and threw pieces of bread for the crows to eat. I shot scores of photo’s watching the birds taking off and landing and observed their behavior. This simple study of crow activity gave me good insight and a volume of photo’s to work from. Now, along with the books and articles and my own observation, I was ready to paint “The Crows, The Gate Keepers of Hell”.


Evan’s mother introduced him to pastel painting as a young boy and he began his journey to become an artist. After graduating from Issaquah High School he went on to study art at Washington State University, Western Washington State University and Bellevue Community College. After his formal education he met his mentor Doris Jean Colvin who inspired Evan to commit himself to a career in art.

Currently, Evan Jones is working on horse portraiture, new murals and fine art.